Boats Under YMS Management

We take care of each boat with the highest standard of yacht service in the industry. These boats have full management programs with YMS. Please visit our testimonials page to see what some of these yacht owners are saying about us.


2023 Vanquish 58 | West Palm Beach / Sag Harbor


2023 Vanquish 58 | West Palm Beach / Nantucket


2017 Prestige 68 | Miami Beach, FL

This beautiful 2017 68 Prestige located in Miami Beach recently came under our care! We will be bringing her up to YMS standard in preparation of selling.

Yacht Maintenance


2023 Pardo 50 | Miami Beach, FL

We are honored to have been selected to manage and maintain such an amazing Pardo Yachts P50! This yacht is a staple in the Miami yachting scene and owned by one of Pardo’s key members. This boat is sure to impress with its slick color choice and partnership with Massoni for all soft materials.

Full Pop

2023 43 Pardo | Miami Beach, FL

Yet another 43 Pardo Yachts added to the fleet. The 43 Pardo is a company favorite. We will be servicing Full Pop in both our Miami Beach, FL and Sag Harbor, NY locations.


Vanquish 45 | Miami Beach / Sag Harbor

We assist in the management and maintenance for this boat along side the crew of the owners big boat. We support and help the crew however possible to make for a smooth ownership experience.


Vanquish 58 | Sag Harbor / Bal Harbor

This beautiful navy blue VQ58 was delivered at the tail end of the yachting season of 2022 in Sag Harbor. This boat is under a captain support program in FL and NY for its busy program.


Vanquish 45 | Miami Beach

Super happy to be back involved with the owner and his family with a brand new VQ45 T-Top. As we were waiting on delivery the family has a VQ40 as a bridge boat. Yachting blue is a must see in person.


Princess 78 | Montauk / Miami Beach

Brand new Y78 Princess delivered in the summer 2022 to our Hamptons location, DOOP was added to our fleet after a year of conversation between our team and the owners. We provide a captain support program for this amazing yacht in Miami Beach during the winter and Montauk during the summer.

Grand Crew

Vanquish 45 | Sag Harbor / North Miami Beach

A YMS favorite! This beautiful VQ45 was delivered by our team in the Hamptons in the summer of 2021. We love the PTS color stone grey with the white cushions. She spends her summer months in Sag Harbor and Winters in North Miami Beach

Dolce Far Niente

Azimut 47 | Ft Lauderdale

This is number two Azimut Verve’s in our fleet. We were part of pre-delivery inspections as well as the delivery. Such an amazing boat that offers both speed and all of the amenities.

Grand Jam

Azimut 42 | Palm Beach / East Hampton

We are excited to have the latest model of the 42 Azimut verve in our fleet. This boat will be located in The Hamptons in the summer months and South Florida for the winter season.


Azimut 50 | Palm Beach / East Hampton

This 50 Azimut came to us on a referral from anther very happy client of ours. We provide service in both locations, Palm Beach and East Hampton.


Vanquish 45 | Sag Harbor

This Vanquish is owned by the first ever Vanquish owner in the Hamptons. This VQ45 with silver paint and red cushions is his second boat. Such an amazing client and great boat. There is nothing like the VQ45


Vanquish 45 | Sag Harbor

The OG VQ45 color way. Gun metal grey and Hermes orange cushions. Its always a winner in our book. She was delivered to our Sag Harbor location in 2021. We run the program during the summer in the Hamptons and organize winterization in the offseason.


Vanquish 45 | Palm Beach / Sag Harbor

This VQ45 was designed and built as a tender for a super yacht Built by Heesen Yachts. She was then upgraded to a bigger Vanquish. This one was sold to a Family office in NY. We manage and maintain the boat in both Palm Beach and The Hamptons.


Vanquish 40 | Miami Beach

This Vanquish 40 is now with its second owner and continued management. The family will be receiving their new VQ55 sports line in late 2023. We look forward to the new boat and who gets this amazing 40.

Its All Good

Vanquish 58 | Miami Beach / Sag Harbor

This is a one of a kind Vanquish 52 completely custom. We delivered this boat off of the transport ship when it first arrived to the US. We organize transport to and from Miami and the Hamptons and provide service in both locations.


Vanquish 58 | Miami Beach / East Hampton

This VQ58 painted in PTS Messian Blue with white cushions brings in a luxury, yet sporty look to the ocean. She has been under management since delivery along with another VQ50 owned by the same family.

Sexy Beast

Vanquish 52 | Miami Beach

We love this amazing color, a real Miami Vice theme! She is located in Sunset Harbor and has been under management since delivery day.

All Caps

Vanquish 58 | Palm Beach / Sag Harbor

Another Vanquish 58 delivered in our Palm Beach location. Such an amazing color way with royal blue cushions and silver paint. She will also live in Sag Harbor for the summer months!

Gods Plan

Vanquish 58 | Miami Beach / Sag Harbor

Our team delivered this yacht in the northeast last summer. She is now located in Miami Beach for the winter months and Sag Harbor for the summer. Our team is involved in both locations

Off Piste

Pardo 43 | Miami Beach / Sag Harbor

Another amazing Pardo 43 in the YMS fleet. This was sold by Italian Yacht Group with Pardo Yachts Miami. She is located on Fisher Island during the summer months she will be relocated to our Sag Harbor location in the Hamptons.


Vanquish 45 | Miami Beach / Sag Harbor

The first of its kind with possibly the craziest color options on any Vanquish ever built.

Boat and Yach

Tilting Point

Pardo 43 | Miami Beach, FL

This beautiful Pardo 43 was the second Pardo in the YMS fleet! She located in Miami Beach


Pardo 38 Outboard | Miami Beach, FL

Freedom is the second outboard 38 Pardo to the YMS fleet. This is a first time yacht owner and we look forward to providing him an unforgettable service that will make yacht ownership as easy as possible.


Pardo E60 | Brickell Miami, FL

Just delivered in early 2023 this is the first Pardo 60 to the YMS fleet! She is located in the heart of Miami on the city side near Brickell. Our team was there for pre-delivery inspections and worked very closely with the wonderful team members of Pardo Yachts Miami to make for a smooth delivery.

Salt Life

40′ Vanquish 2021 | Fort Lauderdale, FL

The YMS team is managing and maintaining this boat for Vanquish Yachts while she is awaiting her new owner.

Z55 Stock Boat

55′ Zeelander 2020 | Fort Lauderdale, FL

YMS team has been contracted by Zeelander Yachts to fully manage and maintain this boat while she is awaiting her new owner.

It Was All a Dream

45′ Vanquish VQ 2019 | Fort Lauderdale, FL

This boat is a seasonal full management client based in New Jersey and enjoying winters in South Florida. The YMS team is there to ensure this boat is running and looking great when the owner arrives from up North.


48′ Vanquish 2019 | Coral Gables, FL

Vanquish Yachts yet again trusting the YMS team to manage and maintain this beautiful boat under her new ownership.

One More Toy

50’ Vanquish 2019 | Miami Beach, FL

This 50 Vanquish has been under full management since February 2019. YMS delivered One More Toy the moment it touched US waters in Ft Lauderdale at LMC to the Miami Yacht Show for Vanquish Yachts. Like all of our boats, she has been cared for meticulously and continues to look and run like the day she was delivered. One More Toy was one of the boats that made YMS what it is today.

Honey Ryder

58′ Vanquish 2020 | Miami Beach, FL

This 58 vanquish has been under the quality care of YMS with a full management program since she was delivered in November 2019. YMS was there for the delivery of “Honey Ryder” when she first arrived in the US at LMC in Ft Lauderdale. YMS prepared the boat then delivered her to Miami Beach. Like all of our boats “Honey Ryder” gets full systems checks, updates on hours, weekly washdowns and much more under the YMS full management program.


47’ Intrepid 2019 | Deerfield Beach, FL

This 2019 47′ Intrepid came under our management not long after the build was complete and the boat was delivered. We moved her from her marina to the owner’s house in Deerfield Beach and got started right away. We have managed warranty work, interval maintenance on the engines and generator as well as the day to day service, maintenance and detailing that goes with our full management program specific to this boat. We keep this boat show ready and the owner up to date on everything involved.


45’ Vanquish 2020 | Aventura, FL

This stunning 45′ Vanquish is the owner’s second Vanquish yacht. This boat has an upgraded engine package, ice maker and a few more essential options. YMS managed the first WIZH and we are grateful that the owner and captain gave us the opportunity to come in and manage this one. He has been very happy with our program and continued service on his new VQ45. This boat is under a specific yacht management program and like all of our boats, taken care of a very high standard.