Yacht Project Management

Complete project management is included at no cost when under a full management program. When boats are hauled out of the water for service or upgrades, our team will be there to oversee all work being preformed and do our best to save money in as many areas as we can without cutting corners. There is a lot involved with getting your boat to the yard on time then back to your house or marina before the family comes into town. This is often a stressful operation and we make sure that yacht management is as easy as possible.

Project Managemet

We find that having a team at the yard or on the dock to represent the owner while work is being done is essential. We want to make sure money is being spent correctly and the owner is up to date on everything accomplished.

  • When under a full yacht management program this service comes at no cost.
  • Without a full management program we charge only a 5% project management fee.